$32 Belt Side Holster fits Smith Wesson - SW 5903 with 4" Barrel Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Belt Side Holster fits Smith Max 72% OFF Wesson 4" 5903 SW - with Barrel $32 Belt Side Holster fits Smith Wesson - SW 5903 with 4" Barrel Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Belt Side Holster fits Smith Max 72% OFF Wesson 4" 5903 SW - with Barrel Side,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Wesson,Belt,Barrel,SW,Holster,exen.gr,/Bonapartean1387001.html,$32,5903,Smith,fits,-,with,4" Side,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Wesson,Belt,Barrel,SW,Holster,exen.gr,/Bonapartean1387001.html,$32,5903,Smith,fits,-,with,4"

Belt Side Holster New popularity fits Smith Max 72% OFF Wesson 4

Belt Side Holster fits Smith Wesson - SW 5903 with 4" Barrel


Belt Side Holster fits Smith Wesson - SW 5903 with 4" Barrel

Product description

Holster is made for the Smith amp; Wesson - Samp;W 5903 with 4" barrel. We spend a lot of time testing the fit and getting it right. If for some reason you think we’ve made a mistake, and the holster does not fit your gun correctly, please contact us before leaving feedback so we can get it right for you. The retention strap is adjustable so that you can place the strap in the best location for your gun. You can adjust the retention strap by using a butter knife to release the velcro in the pockets that hold the retention straps. The holster comes configured for right handed use on your right side. For left handed use on the left side switch the retention straps around and move the metal clip to the other side. The easiest way to remove the metal clip from the webbing is by using a butter knife to gently ease and pry the webbing over the hooked bottom part of the metal clip. We’ll be happy to switch the holster to left handed use before we send it to you. Please send us a message if you want us to do that for you.

Belt Side Holster fits Smith Wesson - SW 5903 with 4" Barrel

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