$28 Delfin Spa Women's Heat Maximizing Neoprene Workout Capris Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Maximizing,Spa,Capris,Women's,exen.gr,$28,Heat,Delfin,Neoprene,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,/Bonapartean1386501.html,Workout Delfin Spa Women's Translated Heat Capris Neoprene Workout Maximizing Delfin Spa Women's Translated Heat Capris Neoprene Workout Maximizing Maximizing,Spa,Capris,Women's,exen.gr,$28,Heat,Delfin,Neoprene,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,/Bonapartean1386501.html,Workout $28 Delfin Spa Women's Heat Maximizing Neoprene Workout Capris Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Fresno Mall Delfin Spa Women's Translated Heat Capris Neoprene Workout Maximizing

Delfin Spa Women's Heat Maximizing Neoprene Workout Capris


Delfin Spa Women's Heat Maximizing Neoprene Workout Capris

Product description

INCREASE RESULTS WHILE YOU SWEAT IN STYLE! New colors amp; patterns added to your favorite Delfin Spa collection! Millions of happy customers have been purchasing our HEAT MAXIMIZING CAPRIS for over a decade now because they love the benefits amp; results they get! Ladies, this is THE tool to boost your favorite exercise routine amp; reach personal fitness goals faster!

HOW DOES IT WORK? A thin layer of NEOPRENE works in conjunction with embedded Bio-Ceramic material, which efficiently reflects body heat in the form of Far Infrared Rays aka FIR. This combination pumps up the sweat when you are active! Customers refer to our product as a Sauna Suit, Thermal Capris amp; Hot Pants. Discover the DELFIN difference! What are you waiting for?

REVIEW HIGHLIGHTS: “I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It has helped me when exercising to reduce muscle and joint pain in my hip area” "…great addition to an intense workout to help with mid-section water weight.” "If you wore these 3 days a week you'd notice the inches come off" "...definitely help get the toxins out if you are moving.” “My thighs were sweating like hell.”

COMMON FEEDBACK: Increased perspiration amp; calorie burning during exercise, weight loss and softer, smoother skin.

XX-SMALL: 30-32” Hips
X-SMALL: 33-36" Hips
SMALL: 37-40" Hips
MEDIUM: 41-45" Hips
LARGE: 46-50" Hips
X-LARGE: 51-55" Hips
2X-LARGE: 56-60" Hips
Measurements are inches.

REFER TO PHOTO OF SIZE CHART FOR ACCURACY (do not click generic blue size chart link). Please measure yourself before ordering. In between? We recommend the smaller size as our Capris tend to run big. Additional info on photo of size chart.

WANT MORE? Shop all of our collections by clicking the blue Delfin Spa link above product title. We even offer men’s products!

Delfin Spa Women's Heat Maximizing Neoprene Workout Capris

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