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10 Pack: Middle School Math Posters Classroom Po Keywords - 2021 model Los Angeles Mall

10 Pack: Middle School Math Posters - Math Keywords Classroom Po


10 Pack: Middle School Math Posters - Math Keywords Classroom Po

Product Description

Math Keywords Classroom Posters - Math Vocabulary Posters

Math Keywords - Algebra Poster

  • EDUCATIONAL - Teaches common math “keywords” that can help students solve word problems
  • BRIGHT - Perfect, colorful math vocabulary anchor chart for algebra classrooms and homeschooling
  • DURABLE - Laminated with 3 mil thick laminate with edge protected corners to ensure durability, 100# cover gloss paper
  • EASY TO READ - Measures 17 x 22 inches, large crisp fonts
  • Made in the USA

The hardest part of solving a word problem is understanding the problem and determining the operation (or operations) that needs to be performed. This educational math vocabulary anchor chart is the perfect resource for students learning how to tackle word problems. It’s great for homeschooling, elementary students just starting out and for middle school students who could use a reference. This handy chart includes keywords for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and greater than/less than word problems. More than your average wall decoration, this colorful middle school math poster will help your students learn foundational math principles they will use their entire lives. Manufactured using 100 pound cover gloss paper. Features easy-to-read, stylistic Sans-Serif font and crisp graphics. Laminated with 3 mil thick laminate with edge protected corners to ensure durability.

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Size 17 x 22 inch. 17 x 22 inch. 17 x 22 inch. 17 x 22 inch. 17 x 22 inch.
Multipacks Available

10 Pack: Middle School Math Posters - Math Keywords Classroom Po

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