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online shop Yoko Mens Hi-Vis Cargo unisex Trousers Pockets with Knee Pad

Yoko Mens Hi-Vis Cargo Trousers with Knee Pad Pockets


Yoko Mens Hi-Vis Cargo Trousers with Knee Pad Pockets

Product description

Yellow and orange conform to EN ISO 20471:2013 class 1. RIS-3279-TOM issue 1 (orange only). Black and navy provide enhanced visibility. Water finish. Self color zip fly with button over. Part elasticated waistband with belt loops. Two side pockets. Two cargo pockets with reflective tape and border trim. One rear pocket with button fastening. Knee pad pockets. Two reflective bands around each lower leg. Branded woven tab on lower left leg.

Yoko Mens Hi-Vis Cargo Trousers with Knee Pad Pockets

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